Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fragments: Scene 1

To join in the fun of sharing and for the sake of posterity in writing about those things that wouldn't generally make the cut for posting , link up to Half Past Kissin' Time... Time To Kiss Again... "Friday Fragments".

***  Left Goodwill in a rush this a.m. to pick mySamuelson up from half-day Kindergarten.  Have gotten into the bad habit of lying my wallet and phone on my bumper while loading the kids up.  I rarely carry my purse.  It usually stays in the passenger seat in the SUV.  With 3 children ages 6 and younger, I have enough bags to carry around!  Not to mention helping Miss Gracie with the purses, stuffed animals & baskets (yes...PLURAL) she has recently started carrying!  Every time we leave the house feel like we're taking an extended trip!  I bet we're a sight!  But I digress, like I usually do. ;)  An avid storyteller can spin a tale from just about anything!  {Aside: Must note here, to counteract the general stereotype of "storytellers", that my "storytelling" usually has a non-fictitious foundation.  Most of my tales are based off of events in our lives.  In no way at all am I pointing a finger at those who share fictitious yarns.  That's just not my particular strong suit.}  Once again, back to the wallet and phone. ;)  Simply put, I drove off with those two items sitting on my bumper!  I didn't even miss it at my next stop (mySamuelson's school carline) until I walked around the back of my car and happened to glance down and see my wallet!  Phone was gone.  If I had to pick between the two, I walked away with my choice.  At first I felt naked without it.  HOWEVER, as the day wore on, it brought to light  how wrapped up in texting I can get (I text waaaaay more then talk on it, and waaaaay to much for that matter!), for the day was a bit less stressful, a bit less busy, consequentially, a bit more enjoyable. 

***  Missed my "yearly papsmere" with my OB this past Monday.  Was still unsure whether or not wanted to broach the subject of reversing my tubal.  Didn't want him (OB) to unknowingly influence my part of our choice.   After the day the kids and I had yesterday, am thinking, quite firmly, we're done!  Am calling tomorrow to reschedule.

***  To briefly touch on the comment above, "...the day the kids and I had yesterday...", let's just say the kids spent the better part of the day fighting, screaming, hitting, discouraging, snitching, griping, complaining and whining!  ARGH!!!!  I can handle one...even two "in a mood".  But all 3!!!!!  And it was my "off" day of running, so I didn't even get to exorcise it!!

***  Speaking of "running", have put it (the running) into an organized plan.  I knew it was coming sooner or later.  My OCD wouldn't settle for anything but.  Am actually quite surprised I've gotten away with the relaxed approach the 10 months that I've been running!  Perhaps the OCD is developing dimensia.  THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!  Am praying it ages in dog years: 7 for every 1 of ours.  And since I've had it as long as I can remember, and I can remember back to age 5...let's see 34...34 -5 = 29.  So 29 years x 7 = 203!!!!!!!!!!!  WHOAAAAA!!!  Time for that sucker to croak!!!!!  O.k., have digressed...AGAIN!  Sorry. (sheepishly) :)  Have registered for my first 5K sponsored through mySamuelson's Christian School.  No pressure: just be running for the first time, and alongside school staff and parents I've gotten to know pretty well these past 3 years. (mySamuelson started out there in K3.)  Pressure gradually coming on...  At the point now, 2 weeks out from the race, that I finally started researching everything running: stitches in the side, water intake, diet, warm-up & cool-down, how much &  fast to run, etc., etc.  All in all, am realllly looking forward to it!  Don't think it will top the 1 mile Trot Tot mySamuelson & I will get to do together before the 5K!  Working on instilling the habit of a healthy lifestyle in the munchkins.   

***  Last week's medically-related scare ended last Friday with my "yearly physical" with my Internist.  Blood had been detected in my urine in a blood/urine work-up.  Retesting Thursday showed the blood completely gone.  After sharing the extreme abdominal pain while on the pot I had a few days prior to the original urine test, Dr. thinks I may have passed a kidney stone.  He (Dr.) completely redefines "proactive".  The OCD, sometimes anxious, partial hypochondriac in me LOVES that about him!  He referred me on to a Urologist for a more specialized evaluation.  Am still waiting for the promised call from the Urologist's office to schedule an appt. the horrible nasty socialist obnoxious otrocious Obamacare already spreading it's long, grimy fingers into my healthcare?????  I pray, rather fervently, not.

***  mySamuelson has taught Punk to stick her finger in her nose!  You ask her to show you her nose, she doesn't daintily point at it, or softly touch it.  She rams her forefinger up a nostril!

***  Still having MAJOR issues in potty training Miss Gracie.  Still wondering what could have caused the relapse.  Thorough evaluation uncovered nothing overly stressful in our lives that could have precipitated it.  Her Pediatrician-referred Uroligist appt. coming up the end of this month.  Am starting to think maybe an under-sized bladder...

***  Sugar finished tilling the garden.  My fingers are itching to dig into some cold, rich soil...  Our family plant day this year is tomorrow!  WHOO HOO!!!!  Will be Leah's first!!!

Until the next "Friday Fragments, have a  beautiful & blessed week fellow bloggers!


  1. Gosh it is the 16th already? GEE after this I am exhausted. Glad to see everything is turning out okay with the Dr's.

    When you are ready I have THE reversal argument. It is a simple one.

    I have to tell you...15 years ago I was in the hospital my kidneys were shutting down. I was there for more then a week. Finally my fever was controlled and things were looking better. The nurse came in and took out the IV as the door closed to my room the phone ran. It was my insurance group calling. They wanted to know if I still an IV. I told the girl "No, the nurse just took it out." The woman working for the insurance company told me I had to leave the hospital. They would not be paying my hospital stay anymore after this point. My mother came into the room to check on me...I was still on the phone...I was also still pretty sick. I told her what was going on. My mother took the phone and talked for me. She hung up the phone and called the nurse, the nurse called the Dr. The Dr. fought with the insurance company and fought and fought and fought. I didn't go any where. He told them I was still in danger - they didn't care. It ended up I stayed in the hospital. I also fought with insurance companies for several months maybe a year after. I was dropped for any more kidney infections on my insurance which I am pron to having. THEY DON"T CARE!

    10 years ago my mother had an emergency procedure...we almost lost her...She had insurance but they would not pay and told the Dr. before the surgery she could not be treated. We could have lost her. How my father handled it is such a funny day I will tell you. :)

    5 Years ago my mother had a blood clot that exploded in her leg from over medication..she should have been hospitalized but the Dr's were afraid she would sue. She was sick for more then a month before she could get into see a specialist. She was in so much pain...The treatment was immoral.

    Before my father died...His Drs. washed their hands of him.

    I have a big family...I could go on and on and on about medical mistreatment's. Waiting for a Drs appointment is nothing new...The insurance companies have been controlling our health care for years. It is all big business.

    Try not to worry so much.


  2. PS ~ Good luck on the run:) I know you'll do just great!

  3. I can totally relate to taking everything you own when you go somewhere. I've always been a heavy packer myself so when I added the kid to the mix, it just got out of control. Plus, I've passed it on to him. I don't know if we can handle another:)

    By the way, I think you got it right with "horrible, nasty, socialist, obnoxious Obamacare"

  4. Thought you'd get a kick out of this. As I am sitting here reading your post, L-boy is holding on to my leg and grunting loudly as he lays a "pile" in his diaper. Great sound effects for the read!

    Your comment about your OCD getting dementia made me laugh out loud! Sorry about the phone. I feel like doing that with my husbands phone at times. I've never really gotten into using my cell. It sits in my purse for days on end and then the battery is usually dead! Guess I'm not missing much!

  5. Good for you for signing up for the 5K! I wish I had that kind of drive...I could certainly use the exercise...

  6. Your phone lose tops me washing the hubs phone in the laundry! Btw, you've gone beyond what I've done for prep for the race! I'm just glad that I get 3 days in for walking! Walked 6 miles on wednesday and my "dogs" were tired! I guess I am a bit nervous but not really thinking of it as a 'race' persay. Definitely don't want to be last though!!


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