Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dead Goat Ninjas with Milestone

Bet that title threw you for a good loopdy-loop!
Either that or your shaking your head as you close out my blog.
I mean, come on...
"Dead Ninja Goat with Milestone"???
I bet experienced bloggers are smugly smirking.
"What an obvious ploy to garner blog traffic!"
That is if I were a betting woman, which I can't be.  
Pastor would take me out back of church for what us Southern Baptists call a "Come to Jesus meeting."

Mother-in-law bought a lakehouse last Spring.
 A mere hour drive from our home.
Over the winter, mother-in-law...
Maybe I should use her name???
I have to remember that incident when her and Sugar had a good laugh.
At my expense.
When we were but two dating fools.
Was a decade ago.
A "laugh" over my manners in mailing her a "thank you" note for having me out to her house for lunch.
Could someone please show me the humor in that one???
I love her, nonetheless.
Over the winter, mother-in-law Janice discovered a wild goat one morning in her backyard.
I'm with ya.
Didn't know goats could be "wild".
Maybe her age was getting the better of her.
She's in her 60's.
That doesn't sound as old as it used to!
With "used to" being but recently!

Spent mySamuelson's Spring Break at the lake last week.
Janice back in WV selling Sugar's "I grew up in this house."
First time at the lake since last Fall.
With exception of the DEAD goat lying on the lakeshore under the deck!
You read me write.
Poor goat. :(
The PETA in me creeped out.
Whatever happened???
Of course dog-with-no-brain had to investigate.
Many times.
Man did this aggravate the snot out of me!
With mySamuelson and Miss Gracie hot-on-his-heels.
Suagr and I will be footing the psych session bill for this one.
Prayerfully it won't hit the mailbox for many years. 
{Dead Goat Ninjas conclusion to follow.}

Aunt Su Su
and Unc
 stopped in for a few nights.
Via their trip from Mississippi to Virginia then WV.
Love my family.
Don't get to see them nearly enough.
Aunt Su Su is the gatekeeper of my maternal extended family. 
She's my other mother.

Unc is determined.
Once he's assessed the situation and made his choice.
He bicycled a race recently to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy.
70 miles
 in two days.
Fiercely determined.
Once his mind is made up.
I cried when they left.
 We sent them off with a boatload of memories.

One night, 
 the dead goat disappeared.
No telling how long he had been there.
It couldn't have been long though.
For the stench didn't arrive for a few days.
It grew sickeningly thick.
Not sure exactly what happened to him.
Or maybe he was a her.
For some weird reason I find that a bit more grievous.
Dead Goat Ninjas???
That's our story.
Now to convince the South Carolina DNR.

mySamuelson hit a landmark milestone.
(in a choked voice)

Premonition shadowed me as I held the bike and ran alongside him.

This is only the beginning.
(tears, FOR REAL, now)
There will surely be many more opportunities.
Opportunities to walk, trot and run alongside him as he...
experiments and
The idealist in me promises.
The realist crouches in the corner.
One day I won't be able to keep up.
It is then, I pray.
I pray that He will carry me.

Congratulations my-Samuel-son!
I love you to the moon and back!


  1. Hi Mommy Wemmick! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours! How cute. Also what a great story. eeek! That's a horrible smell. We had a similar experience a few weekends ago but the dead goat smell was coming from the broken refrigerator. Oh, I'm so envious of your family's lake house. That sounds amazing. Let's keep in touch. Also, come back to my blog today and enter to win a cute purse. Take care and great meeting you!

  2. The Goat...How funny! The dog...well you know :)

    Sam ridding on two wheels....AWESOME!!!

  3. Such a proud moment, when they finally learn to ride without us hanging onto the seat in back! =)


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