Thursday, April 8, 2010

Couponing Side-effects: The Untold Story

I've turned into quite the avid "couponer"

Most definitely not in league with Jenny over at
 but one can aspire, eh?

As faithful and successful as I might be at "couponing" now, it was actually my frugal, "save-save-save" Sugar who launched the herculean effort last October.  

There are a wealth of advantages to be found in this most honorable of domestic pursuits.  Including, but not limited to...
 *Decrease your grocery bill by up to a 1/3!

*Save money! 
 That you can spend elsewhere! ;)

*Broaden your pallet with foods you might otherwise never have bought!
{Jeez!  Am now thinking I missed my call in marketing!}

there are some disadvantages that scream at the injustice of being hush-hushed by the "powers that be" .
{Never thought I'd be "one of thoooose people" that catered to conspiracy theories!}
*Time involved in clipping coupons.

*Time involved in organizing coupons & coupon maintenance.

*Time involved in researching the sales. 

 Then there is, what was for us, an un-foreseen hazard...
{mySamuelson somehow manages to get his mug in about every picture I take!  He has perfect timing, much to my consternation delight! ;)}


 I really had no idea, until seeing it strewn across our kitchen floor...

exactly how much food we had accumulated in the 5 1/2 months we have been "couponing"!!!  

And that was only from 2 of the 5 shelves!!!  

One would think I was stockpiling for
My OCD IMMEDIATELY kicked in, alongside mySamuelson's.

3 days, many stubbed toes, a few epithets lodged in the throat, 2 trips to Lowes, five FULL13-gallon garbage bags of food for needy families later...
{Only thing missing is my "Ta-da!" cheesy-grin somewhere in there!  Should have stuck my head in from the side the way mySamuelson did in the photo at the beginning of the post!}


  1. Shazam!!! Gosh, GEE, GoLL"LY"

    What kind of a neighbor are you??? You MUST ...TEACH ME!!!!

    DANG!!! LOL

  2. That's the truth of coupon'ing, for sure!
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  3. WOW! #1 - Samuel is hilarious and such a boy for sticking his head in. My kid totally does that. #2 - That's a lotta food!!!!

    So cool to hear you donated lots of it, but you are still very well stocked!

    **Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest**


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