Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Plant Day

This past Saturday marked one of my favorite days of the year.

Our family's traditional "Plant Day".

Coincides quite nicely with Earth Day (tomorrow!), if I say so myself!

It marks the beginning of the growing season...
...the assurance that Spring is HERE!

 More importantly, it ushers in a "Family Day" like no other.

Generally, on top of our weekly "Pizza/Movie/Pop Night Friday's" and Monday's "Board Game/Puzzle Night", every other Saturday is set aside as a "Family Day".  This is sacred time that, even as the kids age and gravitate toward wanting to do things with others, I will stand firm in insisting participation.

No, I'll never be considered the "cool Mom".

But just maybe, as they grow and mature much like the seeds we sow every year, they'll come to love and appreciate their roots that we've ensured run deep.
I pray so.

Did I mention "Family Day" is sacred?

Especially when that "Family Day" involves passing along a tradition...
 instilling a love for something that Sugar and I love...

 Learning to sow...learning to reap...

It's all about the quality time spent with one another.

This was Punk's first time taking part in the planting.

 Last year she was but 7 months.
Obviously too young to join in. ;)

Characteristic of her family's nature, she dug right in...

ending up with a face only a mother could love!

This year we decided on corn: Peaches & Cream's the name, screaming with glee's the game!

It's name doesn't do it justice: seriously!

 Simply divine.

Straight 8
A classic.

Crookneck squash
  GREAT for deep frying (just ask Sugar)... BAD for cholesterol!

And Red Beefsteak tomatoes...

we have HIGH hopes for this one. ;)

And to give credit, where credit is due:
The muscle behind the garden...

As well as the brains...
{The "country" way of weed management.}

To quote one of mySamuelson's favorite kid's-in-motion, Dash (The Incredibles), "I LOVE MY FAMILY!" 


  1. Hi Cleo! What an incredible post! I love reading about family traditions! It looks like you had an amazing day to plant. I am quite impressed. Oh, the picture of your little one with a dirty face--so precious!

    So nice to be in touch. Thanks for sharing. I'll be back.

    Also, I agree, family time is sacred!

  2. I was wondering how to get rid of those darned weeds!? Git'er dun'.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this post!!!! You are SUCH a cool mom and your kids will tell you! Enjoy watching your garden grow and eating all your fruits and veggies.

  4. We will be planting our garden on Sunday. Living in suburbia, ours is much smaller, but we really enjoy it each year.

    I can't wait to see pics of yours in the summer. Which means, I'm follower #27!

  5. Wishing we had something even a fraction as fantastic as that! What a wonderful lesson you are teaching your children...and what delicous treats you are reaping along the way!

  6. Not sure what to comment on first:

    Maybe "Sugar" deweeding the garden..."OH! MY GOSH!" this does NOT give me a compfy cozy...and he and my "little boys" play bees together???

    What's a mother to think?

    And you where worried about our little stove fire....YICKS!

    I really liked seeing the picture of Rick using my dad's tiller...ahhh just one quetions...Is the muscle behind the garden the tiller or ???

    Love the pictures of Leah! She is getting so big and To think you live right next door and the only time I see her is on the blog...sigh.

    I think my favorite picture of the whole post is the one of Sausage supervising the whole ordeal! She is a woman that is always in charge.


  7. Looks like quite a wonderful gardening adventure!

  8. LOL Loving the weed management solution!! Fire frightens me, though, after watching my sister-in-law's place burn to the ground last I couldn't do that myself. =) Great photos!!! Wish we didn't live in an apt. complex, so I could have a real garden. Everything I've tried to grow on my patio just dies, so it sucks. Good luck with your soon-to-be-amazing garden!! =)


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