Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Exclamation point!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Night She Never Knew She Waited For

Our Mad, at the tender Princess-age of 4...

had no idea what was awaiting her the evening of June 5th.
But we did.
And our anticipation was tangible.

I suppose she expected another dance class.
She really didn't say.
She's our quiet child.
Our somber child.
Whose laughter, when it takes flight,
rings more beautifully than any tower churchbell.
Not a people-pleaser.
But people try to please her.
Including us.
She avoids the spotlight like the plague,
but delights in...
Coffee with her cream
Stuffed animals
Our delight is her.
And we wouldn't have her any other way.

We've watched her grow through 2 pair of ballet shoes...

and two pair of tap shoes...

during this "first year" of dance.

Her class...
 was second to hit the floor.
{Middle row, last one on right end)

Both a blessing and a curse.
She didn't have time for "nerves" to kick in, but had two hours on her hands backstage waiting on all the other classes to perform.

Unfortunately, we have no photographs of her actual performance.
As soon as Sugar snapped the first picture, Ms. Camera Nazi, disguised as spry elderly lady Usher, bore down on him....FAST.

After the curtain dropped on the finale, 3 hours later, they took mercy on us writhing, foaming at the mouths, snapshot-deprived parents and gave our cameras a thumbs-up.

And a good thing, too, for the Awards Ceremony immediately followed, onstage.
{Fifth from end of line}

{Medal being hung around her neck.}

I do believe when we met her in the lobby, bearing many flowers and gifts, we might have overwhelmed her a bit.
Well, a bit more than she already was, that is!

However, those flowers and stuffed animal gifts had to move over to make way for her surprising fascination with her new medal!

As we left "The Peace Center for the Performing Arts" behind, along with all its beauty and pomp,

I of course called for a photo shoot.
(Did I mention this event was in the evening?  Just so you know not to expect the following candids with the above background!)

{That's my mother, Lorraine, at the far left end.}

She then wasted no time in reaching up to her Prince Charming,
 whom her sun rises and sets upon.

And danged glad I am about it, too! 
(sentimentally smiling) 

The perfect ending to a perfect night for the sweetest dancer in the world?
A pit stop for one of her favorite treats...


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Sink Bath

Leah Ella-Sue
16 months

Sam'ism V

{Setting: On phone with "Dad" walking through the Breakfast Room this morning.}

mySamuelson: "It's just not fair, Dad.  I get a break (summer) from school and you don't get a break from work." (quite dejectedly)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010