Sunday, May 2, 2010

SNEEZING those Particularly Prolific Posts

[ALERT: This is an on-going meme that has no "end".  Do not be put off by it's post date.  Even if you've run across it a year later, I encourage you to participate.  You'll better understand "why" after you read through it.]

At the recommendation of ProBlogger (aka Darren Rowse), upon whom I stumbled over at The Secret is in the Sauce, I recently began pilfering through my archived posts in search of "the best of the best" to spotlight in what Rowse has coined a, "sneeze page".

Quite the brilliant bloggy idea.

The sneeze...
  • ...spotlights your really good posts that get lost in your archives.
  • ...creates deep linking which is good for SEO.
  • ...makes great content in your blog more readily available whereby the visitor is apt to stick around your site (“stickiness”) longer and more then likely become a follower/subscriber and regular reader.

 To create a sneeze...
  •  pick out some of your best content and create a post that links to those posts. 
  • you can also use a theme for your sneeze page such as time (“Best Posts of 2009″) or topic (“Top Ten Recipe Posts”).
  • every month or so, rifle through those posts that followed your sneeze's creation and move new one's  in and out as you deem fit: remember, your writing improves the more you do it.
  • in order not to bog down and "lose" the visitor, stick to a minimum of 10 post links in your sneeze
  • be sure you publicize it! Put a link to it (or them – it’s OK to have more than one sneeze page!) in your sidebar and/or your navigation bar so readers can find it easily.

Am going to turn this into a one-time meme using Mr. McLinky (isn't he just a dandy?)
Once you've created your "sneeze page", come back, leave a comment at your leisure and link your sneeze at the bottom of this post.  
Then share the love and visit the other "linkers" and their eye-popping posts!
The absolutely wonderful part of this meme is that it's a one-time only link-up that will increase your blog traffic: maybe even culminating in a traffic jam!
**Be sure to check back frequently for new "linkers"!!!**
**The button is located toward the middle of my sidebar labeled, "Catch a SNEEZE!"** 

Below are my self-proclaimed "Top 5 Posts of 2010".
Don't forget to link up at the bottom of the page!


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this linky!! I've been trying to think up a clever way to bring all my older posts back into the spotlight, and here it is! You ROCK! (Via Sir Rowse...LOL) ;) Very much enjoyed all your posts, and am going now to leave some comment love all over them! =) Thanks again...

  2. How did I miss this?

    Did I tell you my computer has been down off and on this week.

    Mark fixed it. YAY!

    Love this post! it's a great idea...the next time you do this I will make sure I play.

    Love me!


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