Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fragments: Scene 4

All I got to say is..............TGIF!
Can I get an, "Amen!"???

This has been one.long.week.
There's been some good, some bad and some ugly...
(You make "bad" look "good", Clint!)


since last Friday's   
Mommy's Idea

The Good:
>>> Went out to eat after church Sunday.
I have to make mention of it, for it's a "whimsy" we rarely indulge in these days.
Bad economy + Private School tuition = Depleted account 
Sugar's hankering for some Chinese landed us at a local buffet that the kids grimaced and "yucked" over.
To their delight and my amazement, the buffet contained two (surely golden to the children) trays: one with chicken nuggets, the other french fries.
Nice to know we're not the only culture out there feeling the strains of a melting pot prepping to boil over.

Fortune Cookies...
Sugar - "An important word of advice may come from a child."
I almost fell out of the booth LMBO!

Mom - "Something on four wheels will soon be a fun investment for you!"
I've always wanted a CJ-7 (soft top Jeep Wrangler).  With this economy in mind, however, it's probably referring to a pair of roller skates!

mySamuelson  - "You shouldn't overspend at the moment.  Frugality is important."  Am extremely thankful he's not displaying any signs of being materialistic.  At least at this point in his life.  Quite the opposite actually!  He has a wallet full of dollar bills from his allowance that are growing roots into his nightstand.

Miss Gracie  - "You will find your solution where you least expect it."  Say a prayer with me for that "solution" to have something to do with her going to the potty to tinkle, not her panties...and not hiding those wet panties under her bed!

Punk  - Be prepared to receive something special."  Yeah...I'm going to give her "something special": A good finger-wagging stern lecture about... (See "The Ugly" below)

>>> Miss Gracie had a playdate with her aff (absolute favorite friend) and rode the emotional high it brought for days following the event.

The Bad:
>>> There's really no other way to describe this...

then to say it was a "bad" situation.

And yes, that is a...
foot tangled up in my SUV's seatbelt!

But not just any foot.
And not just any tangle.

A foot with "piggies" that I used to take to the market.
And a tangle like no other.
mySamuelson after sharing that it might require a trip to the fire department...

En route, we swung by Dad's office, on the minuscule off-chance he might be able to work some nimble magic.

He has a sleight-of-hand that would have been the envy of Doc Holiday had he lived that era!

 The Ugly:
>>>  Punk's up for an Oscar this year for her leading role in "Breathholding Spells". 
 Rolling eyes, flappin' arms, arched back and creeping blue...
 Had me on my knees, praying FERVENTLY first time it happened.
 A little research and a trip to her Ped later... unbelievably this is normal and nothing to get worked up over.
Watching my daughter turn blue and go limp in my arms is horrific and heartbreaking, for me, "...something to get worked up over." 
"Just walk away.  Don't reward the negative behavior with any attention."
Think her Ped has recently started moonlighting as a comedian down at the local lounge!
It's bad enough holding her tight when she courts a spell.
But to watch it from across the room... as a bystander.
"Huh Uh!"
(emphatically shaking head in the negative!)
Wonder where she got that iron will??? ;);)


  1. My youngest used to hold his breath when having a tantrum till he fell over, which at least had the benefit of shocking him out of the tantrum. Fun times.

  2. The bad economy?

    You know, you as a consumer can strengthen the economy...It is all in your hands. NEED A PLUMBER? I know a good. Need an Electrician? I know a great one. Need any work done at all? I know just the man for you! Give me a call...and strengthen the economy.

    Go out to eat and enjoy yourself and know you are doing a good thing for the economy.

    Love the fact you had your camera there when Sam got stuck...! Oh! I am laughing so much about this...I remember the days!!! I'm not even going to ask.... HOW?

    Yes, ALL parenting advice always looks good in black and white. Now that I have been a mother for 18 YEARS! Yicks!!! I often wonder if the people that write these books are parents at all...and I don't mean a parent with a Nanny, or with one two year old. I have never had one pass out on me...:) What a scare that would be! Liz use to bang her head on the floor and then would walk around all bruised. Stephen would throw himself out of my arms...Dropped him on his head once:) But the breath holding...not a clue! My a plumber and strengthen the economy.

    So Glad Ms. Grace felt good last week...We must plan another play date for next week.

  3. Our doctor told us that when Jack started holding his breath to blow in his face really hard. It would normally startle him enough to make him breathe. You may want to try that. It is SO scary that first time and still pretty scary from then on out!!

  4. AMEN TGIF... enjoy your weekend.

  5. Thanks for all the comment love yesterday! I totally agree about parent books. And I do love Dobson! Thanks for the rec. on the other book. So the bookfair story improves because his friend took his wallet to school without his monther's permission. She said it serves him right that he lost that $20. We made Indy give it back anyway! Love the seatbelt, only because I can totally see that happening. I am sure you were not amused at the time! one oft hose moments that is funnay after the fact!

  6. Happy Friday and have a blessed Mother's Day!

  7. Man oh man, holding their breath can be scary! I can't imagine it, my kids throw awesome tantrums but never held their breath...

    yes this economy is making us go broke, :(

  8. Love that you had a camera to capture the great seat belt tangle.

    And the breath holding thing...WOW. When we first adopted S-girl they told us that sometimes when she gets really upset she turns blue. We figured it had to do with her heart defect. Well..after having her for 3 months we never experienced what they described. I guess she never got upset enough. Well...enter open heart surgery!! The days after her heart surgery while in the ICU we experienced the BLUE attacks. And it had nothing to do with her heart, but with anger and fear. She would hold her breath whenever a nurse or doctor or respitory therapist would even touch her..and turn completely blue. I couldn't believe it. It made me sad to think that she had these episodes of fits/or fright in the orphanage all the time..and yet in all the time we had her she had never had one until the surgery..and for good reason. Anway, she hasn't had one since. But..believe me..I feel your pain. It is so scary!! the new suggestion if I may?
    Is there anyway to get the post to scoot over a little. It is very diffficult to see the words that lap over onto the brown background. Just me being picky! he he

  9. I love the fortunes!
    The tangled foot makes me get all anxious and I wasn't even there!
    I came over from Friday Fragments.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. AMEN!! It was a week for sure! I'm glad I'm not the only one who was happy that it came to an end! :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you my friend!! I hope the day is full of fun and no trips to the fire station! LOL

  11. I loved your fortune cookies! How very appropriate they were! :) Sounds like quite a week at your house!


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