Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: My hero's hero

Although this won't reflect well on my "wifery" skills...
am hoping it will aid in purging the guilt.
 Have been in that holy state of matrimony for almost 8 years now and until this past Saturday,
could not have told you who my Sugar's hero(es) is.
Shoot, didn't even know he had one!
(bowing head in abject shame)

After learning who it is, I must say my heart swelled with pride and my Sugar solidly moved into position as one of my heroes.
One sure can tell a lot about an individual by examining their hero(es)...who they look up to...who they admire...who they pattern themselves after.
We should all have one hero, at the least.

Pronunciation: \ˈhir-(ˌ)ō\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin heros, from Greek hērōs
Date: 14th century
a: a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities  
b: one that shows great courage

    • combat decorated 22-year Marine: silver star, the bronze star for valor and two purple hearts for wounds in combat.
    • #1 best-selling author (eleven books)
    • founder of a small business
    • inventor with three U.S. patents
    • syndicated columnist
    • host of War Stories on the Fox News Channel
    • member of the NRA board of directors
    • founder of Freedom Alliance (A foundation that provides college scholarships for the sons and daughters of service members killed in action.)
    • United States government’s counter-terrorism coordinator 1983-1986
    ***Yet, he claims his most important accomplishment is to be “the husband of one, the father of four and the grandfather of eleven.”***

    A family man.
    A man's man.
    A hero.

    In order to make the Colonel stand out...
    though if you ask me, he accomplishes that quite well himself!

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