Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Home Office decor

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  1. Did you take him down???

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Nope, it's Sugar's.
    Unless we were starving, don't think I could kill Bambi! ;)
    Hunted with my father in Alaska as a child, but not since.
    And that was a "you have to kill if you want to eat" situation.
    Have contemplated taking up the "gentleman's sport" of bird hunting.
    After the way Donald Duck acted to mySamuelson at Disney last December, wouldn't blink twice to ply him with some buckshot! ;)

  3. Huuu...Looks much different in a picture.

    AND I must say your getting VERY creative with that camera.

    I would just like to know one thing?

    Was this done before or after the concealed weapons permit??? :)

    PS ~ Finally got the Happiness Award on...Now that didn't take me to long at all... did it :)

  4. I'm not sure I could look at him, but I'm sure if my hubby had his way he'd have one up. happy ww! drop by and link up.


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