Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sam'ism III

{Setting: Mommy Wemmick cleaning kitchen.  mySamuelson finishing homework and Miss Gracie coloring at breakfast table.  Punk wandering about like a nomad with "ba ba" hanging out one side of her mouth.}

mySamuelson: "Mom, we haven't had any brownies in a long time."

Mom: "We had some a few days ago, but they're all gone."

mySamuelson: "Who ate them all?" (Looking up from his homework.  Voice laced with disappointment.)

Mom: "I ate most of them." (Feeling like a first-rate fat jerk pig!)

mySamuelson: "Mommy!" (disbelieving & disgruntled)

Mom: "Brownies are one of my favorite desserts, Sam.  You can't just leave them lying around.  I love me some chocolate!" (semi-sheepishly grinning)

mySamuelson: "But Mommy... that's not fair to the kids!" (earnestly)


  1. Brownies sound good! I need to make some goodies this evening for teacher appreciation. Maybe, I will include brownies on the menu! Isn't it great when your menu includes desserts?

  2. I have taught you nothing!!! Next time eat all the brownies before the kids see them!
    NO! Guilt!

    We should talk...You must learn how to lie better.

    LOVE! the new look of the blog!

  3. Ouch! Mommy guilt! Been there! A cut pan of brownies is an empty pan of brownies. They just end up in my mouth - it's like magic or something!

  4. That sounds just like a conversation in our house! LOL!!


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