Monday, May 17, 2010

Madalyn'ism III

{Setting: Mom, mySamuelson, Miss Gracie & Punk in their respective vehicular seats.}

Miss Gracie:  "Mom, that brown polka dot isn't coming off my leg. (Simultaneously points and scratches at the brown dot.)

Mom:  (Grin growing as she realizes what said "brown dot" is.)  "That brown dot is called a freckle, Dear."

mySamuelson:  "What brown polka dot?" (Ears are always tuned in!)

Miss Gracie:  "The brown polka dot on my leg."

Mom:  "It's a freckle." (Hmmmm... Wonder how many times I'll have to repeat that?)

mySamuelson:  "Oh.  I have freckles on my face." (dismissive)

Miss Gracie:  "I have one polka dot on my leg and it's not coming off." (concerned)

Miss Gracie:  "I'm trying to scratch it and it's not coming off!" (a twinge of panic)

*I have very little doubt now to which child my OCD genes went!*


  1. LOL I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard at the last Miss Gracie comment!

  2. That made me smile ... I'm VERY freckly!

  3. So cute! My mom told me I had angel kisses - but that might not be a good idea to tell Miss Gracie! The conversation would make a great blog post though! :)

  4. Ah, I've scratched off those little brown dots before..quite painful! ha ha

  5. Hey Cleo! This is so cute. It brought a smile to my face! Don't you love the way kids perceive the world. Hope your well. Love reading your stories. And, sending you lots of love!

  6. Oh I'd be rubbing for a long time!! That's some funny stuff!! :)
    Hope you're enjoying your week my sweet friend. We're running around getting ready for end of school and trying to get rid of colds...ugg! Oh and you asked about the tatttoo on my wrist...why yes it is! It's a medical alert "bracelet". :)

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