Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments: Scene 5

Was going to skip Half-Past Kissin' Time's 
Mommy's Idea
this week.

Am really trying to finish up a tutorial on "How to make homemade strawberry jam".
it's been such a busy week, with so much to recap, that I don't want to miss getting them in the archives.
This is probably one of my favorite meme's, just because it gets me blogging about those smaller items that happen in the course of a week which are usually brain-dumped...usually within a week or so after they happen!
Catch the "week" thread there??? (abashedly smiles)

*** mySamuelson and I met with our Pastor 
(one of world's greatest Southern Baptist preachers, just so ya know!)
earlier this week.
Out of the the three pastors (which includes the Music & Youth Ministers), he was without hesitation in choosing "Pastor Brad" to discuss his desire to get baptized.
This decision was slow in coming.
Slow for mySamuelson that is: his decisions, tasks, etc. usually happen in supersonic speed.  
By the way, "supersonic" speeds are greater than 750 mph, but less than 1,500 mph.
Interesting bit of aeronautics fact.
If nothing else, you'll be ready for that Jeopardy answer!

What 6 year old would'nt be freaked-out about baptism?
  mySamuelson's spent his life watching a man he's supposed to trust, a role model, take people and push them under water!
And as if that weren't bad enough, he does it in front of the entire church!
Just last year mySamuelson started "going under" in our pool.
A landmark event!
So it came as no surprise when he asked if he could wear goggles when he was baptized!
(Laughing My Tail Off!)
During our meeting, Pastor Brad addressed his fears without mockery and with a respect and acknowledgment that solidified his position as a role model in the heart and mind of mySamuelson.
I saw it in his eyes and in his body language as Pastor spoke with him and took him down into the baptismal for a trial run.
I heard it in his voice the next evening on the way to the church's weekly Wednesday night dinner when he shared, "I'm going to sit beside Pastor Brad at dinner, Mom."
Did I mention what an amazing Pastor he is???

***Ran my first 5K last Friday (May 7, 2010).
 Am DYING to share all the details and pics, but this personal accomplishment deserves a post all its own!
Coming soon!

 went in for his second round of heartworm treatment earlier this week.
2 shots in the large muscle of his back.
Have to keep him confined another 30 days.
Alternative, he throws a blood clot from the mass of dying worms breaking off into his bloodstream and he dies.
No brainer.
No alternative.

***Mother's Day is a most humbling day for me.
Am not accustomed to accolades.
Nor a "fuss" made over me.
Have no problem making a "to do" about another.
But leave "me" out of it!
This is so contrary to my childhood years.
Mother informed me years back when we were discussing this "turn" in my character that as a child I "demanded" center stage.
Spent my college years with a similar mentality.
Wonder what happened???
Now I happily stand behind my children (when I'm not guiding) encouraging, cheering, admonishing.
Maybe that's "what happened".
Children have a way, like no other, in turning one inside out- pulling the carpet out from under one's feet- tilting your world sideways...
bringing out the best...
and the worst in one.
And as odd as this might sound, am so very thankful they draw that "worst" out.
It enables me to exorcise it through the grace and mercy of God.
Sometimes I'm not even aware of the "worst" until it's brought forth into HIS light, usually kickin' and screaming, and thrown under HIS PERFECT WILL.    
"Worst" that includes impatience, irritability, pride, selfishness, and laziness to name but a few
It's then I go to my knees in petition for forgiveness.
And rise a better daughter of the King and mother to my children.

Sugar and the kids woke me that morning with my favorite breakfast:
old fashioned Quaker oats, toast & coffee.
No better way to start a day then opening one's eyes to the smiling faces of three of the four (Punk was still in bed) most special people in the world to a wife and mother.

After a moving "Mother's Day tribute" service at church, we spent the afternoon strawberry pickin'.

 With special guest...
Grandmaw Janice.
(Sugar's mother)

An elderly man from our church passed away a few years back in a strawberry field.
Can think of no better setting to meet my Lord...
or to to spend "Mother's Day".
My family R-O-C-K-S!!!
Thank you for the blessing of each of them, Lord!

***Met "Crazy Harley Man" Saturday.
Very briefly touched on the encounter in "Post It Note Tuesday".
What turned out to not be the fender-bender "Crazy Harley Man" screamed at me via epithets, in the middle of an intersection, he turned into a scene from Mad Max.
While waiting on the police we both called, him to laud his idiocy and me because of his threats, I hear a low rumbling that quickly twisted my stomach into knots and shut my air passages down as the noise grew louder and the source became apparent..
Six more Harley-driving men, two with women on the back (at least I think they were) pulled into the gas station we were sitting at.
They slid off their bikes like the evil serpent in the Garden and made their way to Crazy Harley Man, then insiduously surrounded my vehicle.
I shudder to think what might have happened had the trooper not pulled in at that very minute.

And yes, one of the kids were with me: mySamuelson.
He's still talking about it, sporadically.
Fortunately, he's accustomed to hearing me "loud".
Was raised in a home where the loudest person was heard.
And "loud" I was in diatribe with Crazy Harley Man.
Have never been one to pocket the sh#&.
I'll catch it...add my own to it, and sling it right back in your face.

My explanation to my boy?
"Some people make  bad choices, Sam.  Well, we all make bad choices.  But some people aren't sorry for their bad choices.  That man is a criminal."  

No report was written, for there was NO damage to either vehicle!!!!
I won't be caught unprepared again.
There is no safety in "public" places anymore.
That's no longer the case.
The freaks don't just come out at night these days.
Bleeding heart lawmakers. "special interest" groups and "human rights" activists are making a mockery of our judicial system.
Laws are so weak in punishing the guilty (the few that are found "guilty" that is) that the pro's outweigh the cons for the criminal in their evil intentions.

This sorry excuse for a man could have cared less that he had an audience!
He relished in it: approaching the other cars waiting for the light to turn, screaming, "Did you see that?!?!?!"  Did you see what that fu&#*ng moron did?!?!?!"
Everyone within earshot was fuel for his irrational anger.
"Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is."
Ecclesiastes 10:3 

Am working on my concealed weapons permit.
Have spoken with our Pastor (who knows a good bit about guns) as well as two troopers (friends from church) about the type of gun that would best suit my needs.
Tomorrow Sugar and I head out to Charlotte, NC for the NRA's "Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience".
I plan to return, ARMED.
Beware all Mr. Crazy Harley Men out there... as well as your posse's.
Fools each of you are.


  1. So excited for your sons baptism! Good leaders are a treasure! Can't wait to read about the race!!

  2. Love the pics of the rows of strawberries.

    Congrats on the run. I'm supposed to run a 5K tomorrow and I'm down witha sinus infection. Should be fun.


  3. Really enjoyed reading about your week. First, GOTTA get that recipe on making your strawberry jam. That sounds amazing. We want to go strawberry picking very soon, maybe this weekend. Isn't it so fun!

    Also, how special that your son got baptized. how sweet that moment must have felt after all the seeds you sow, seeing some good fruit in their spiritual walks.

    Congrats on the 5K! How awesome! Where do you find the time : )

    Love to you!

  4. My grand daughter (14) and nephew (12) were baptized last weekend. I enjoyed your blog and your beautiful family photo's and quotes!
    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  5. Congrats on the run! Neil does a lot of 5K races, but I have a bum knee, so it's not my thing.

    I'm so excited for your son!! What a blessing.

    We just picked our first strawberry this morning. It apparently turned red overnight.

  6. You're awesome, and you should definitely go here:

    I gots a surprise for you!

  7. I LOVE my pastor too!
    At the end of college I was doing some reflection and realized he's probably the main reason I stayed religious.
    In fact I'm in love with his son, but only so I can be married to a "son of a preacher man."
    And congrats on the run!


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