Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fragments: Scene 2

Once again, it's time for Mrs. 4444's "Half-Past Kissin' Time... Time To Kiss Again..."

Mommy's Idea
Hard not to just zero in on the "Friday" part!!!!


This ingenious meme Mrs. 4444 created presents the perfect opportunity to recount and memorialize the many "going-on's" during the course of our week that just aren't blog-worthy for one reason or another (e.g. too short, etc.).

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*  Was awarded 2, yes, you read me right...2 blog awards this week!!!!!  And from two wonderful women, Julie at the peanut gallery ...exit here & Misty at Miss Fit, for whom I'm grateful for the beautiful brushstroke they've already left on my life.  A post about the awards coming soon.   

* Had my best coupon'ing experience yet: $22.00 for $130.00 worth of groceries!!!  Guess it left an indelible mark on the lady behind me as well, for she stopped me in the parking lot to remark on my savings and inquire into my method!  Am toying with the idea of having a "Coupon'ing Class" for a handful of friends who want to learn the coupon'ing ropes.  It's become second-nature to the degree that, after doing it weekly for 6 months, it's hard to fathom that there are still a great many people out there that haven't embraced it like we have.       

* Pollen is downright H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E this year!  We're all suffering.  mySamuelson has sported a runny nose for so long it's red, raw and bloody.  Miss Gracie has the "sneezes".  Punk has a stuffy, perpetually snot-caked nose.  To quote Sugar, "I feel like I have a cold."  As for moi, suffice it to say that the dry throat/tickle/cough has left me literally GAGGING, seemingly in all places public! 

* Sugar and I created, and with the help of mySamuelson, presented a Honeybee exhibit ( with a hive and accompanying tools from our Apiary) to all four Kindergarten classes at mySamuelson's christian school.  Surely the highlight of his school year!  Post to eventually follow!

* Miss Gracie was given her Dance Recital Costume at the conclusion of her weekly dance class (Mondays).  We (SAHM's) were allowed, for the first time, to watch the girl's practice their dance routine.  Oh me, oh my...  She really redefines "Princess-in-training"... "Princess-wannabe".  And here she's stuck with a partial tomboy for a mother.  Poor kid.  Her only other regular female role models are her cat, Ariel, and my "grouchy old woman dog", Sausage.  Looking for her to start scooting her butt along the carpet or clawing the furniture any day now!     
* Hostessing a "Lia Sophia Party" tomorrow night.  After this, am laying off the partying for a bit.  This social butterfly needs to recoup, re-energize, retreat!  Can feel the "cocooning" coming on!

* Enjoyed a long overdue date with mySamuelson.  Went out for pizza , then to see "How To Train A Dragon".  4 stars, by the way!  A good friend told me some years back that as her boys aged (both in their teens now), relating to them became more difficult.  Am thinking it can be attributed to the distinct differences in the sexes becoming more pronounced.  Males tend to enjoy "snakes and snails and puppy dog tails"; While females cater to "sugar and spice and all that's nice".  In spite of this, I will always make a concerted effort to find common ground for him and I to meet on.  Even if this requires I learn to do some of what he enjoys to "connect", such as soccer or paper airplanes, he's only son...the child who promoted me to "Mommyhood"...and he's worth any and every attempt! 

* Personal Highlight of My Week: Planted our yearly garden.  For details and pics, read my recent post: Family Plant Day


  1. GREAT couponing, indeed! Enjoy your party tonight.

    P.S. LOVE the title of your blog!! We are big fans of all of Max's books.

  2. I really enjoyed your fragments-they're a nice blend of cute, funny, and poignant :) You're right on track with how to connect with your son; there's nothing like tossing the football or shooting hoops to open him up.

    VERY cool on the bee keeping thing--that's unforgettable! I really loved your fragment about your daughter's role models, too. Very funny!! :)
    Have a great weekend. Thanks for joining in this week.

  3. Oh goodness I love Miss Gracies outfit for dance!! So very cute! I need to work on being a better coupon clipper. I do meal plan and stick to a list when I shop and am able to cut about $75 a week off my bill by doing that alone but I'm still not at $22 level! You rock girl!!

  4. I am beyond jealous of all couponers! I use coupons but we dont have any stores that offer double coupons so I feel like i am getting basic savings minimal at best I think I do need a class

    Congrats on your awards!

    That photo of Gracie is PRECIOUS!

    enjoyed your FF

  5. I love your fragments!
    How cool that you took the hive to school.

    Teenage boys ROCK!
    They are the best.
    You will love it when your boys is a teenager.

    I love miss Gracies pic. Doesn't she have the pose down! So, so cute!
    Happy Friday!

  6. WOW! You have this blogging thing down! Two awards this week! SLOW DOWN Woman!!!

    No really.... Very cool!

    Coupon'ing class...Oooo sounds like a great idea! Do we have to be considered organized to come??? If so that lets me out...I would lie but you know me to well:)

    Bees to school ~ Love the idea!

    Doing things with your son...Wonderful!!! May your relationship grow stronger every day.

    Your Princess is just Devin Darlin!!! Love the picture!

    Your Party tonight ~ Have a great time....those can be a blast!!!

    Your really getting this blogging thing down.....Love your pictures!!!

    Have to come back to check out and comment on Planting Day! I see you really were busy and you were not just trying to get out of judging last weekend :) I wish I thought of that!!! It was a LONG DAY!

    Have to get back to school...trying to stay focused and organized...So hard for me to do! Especially this year...Uggg...Especially this year!!!!

    xoxo, lisa

  7. Congrats on the two awards! Miss Gracie in her costume is perfection.

  8. Wow...what an eventful week you had. Love what you had to share about Samuel-son. That is truly my desire with my boys also. Thanks, too, for the heads up on the movie. Have been wondering if we should take the kids to it.

    And the bee cool. I'm sure Samuel-son was proud as punch that those were HIS bees!

    You guys amaze me!! Loved reading your fragments.

    And, can I just share, that after the comment you left on my blog, I clicked on your profile to venture over here. Well, that picture of you with the little white sun hat made me smile...thinking of all that fire and passion coming from that little sunbonnet clad lady, just made me chuckle. Sorry...just had to share!


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