Saturday, June 25, 2011

Found: A Fabulous "Familial Friday" Full of Fun!

As my "Meet the Wemmick's" intro. in the sidebar shares, we're of the mind that a family that plays together, stays together (that is if they're first "praying together").
Bowling happens to be one of our favorite games.

And when one extremely important and special guy takes some time off work to join us ,

well, the atmosphere surrounding our summertime tradition of spending Friday afternoon's bowling
 becomes as heady as a school girl in the throes of her first crush!

Nonetheless, given our collective competitive nature, it should come as no surprise that the guys,

especially one particular little booger fellar,

has to make it a competition!

{Players in order from top to bottom: Mad, Sam, Mom, Dad.)

However, never one to turn cheek to a challenge, us girls

rose to the occasion.

Well, a few of us did that is!
Other's of course would never mention any names, PUNK got a bit sidetracked

and was sabatoged by the competition!

There's just no containing our sincere familial love! ;)


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  1. Now, this is my all time favorite post! I just love it!


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