Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burgeoning Writer WINS Music Scholarship

Received notice a few months back of a writing contest sponsored through the Fountain Inn Civic Center.  It was open to the chidlren who were residents of the cities of Ft. Inn and neighboring Simpsonville.  To enter, children ages 5-14 were instructed to write an essay, "Why I like music" accompanied by a drawing (optional).  Those who were too young to compose an essay were encouraeged to just draw a picture about why they liked music.
Winners were given scholarships to local Summer Music Camps, worth $150.00+!

Having a love for writing myself, shared the opportunity with mySamuelson and Mad.  Showing a bent toward mathematics, versus English, Mad reluctantly agreed to participate.  Personally, I think the only reason she didn't put up a fight is due to the fact that she was to "draw" a picture: child LOVES art.  "Art" and "Math"???  Go figure!  Maybe a blooming architect?  mySamuelson, however, took the task and ran with it!  He set me back on my heels with a one-and-a-half page composition penned in very good handwriting, with a picture that told the exact same story as his written word!  It was a moment I'll never forget.  My mini-me. ;)

A few weeks ago, a lady from the music club where the camps were to take place, called to share the news mySamuelson had won a schoalrship in his age division and would we be willing to attend a City Hall meeting to have the award formally presented by the Mayor!!!!

We are one PROUD family!


  1. Just saw your blog. Very nice. Congrats to Samuel!! Both Brian and Alexander got scholarships as well. They are a great organization.

  2. This is awesome! I have been looking for a music camp to send my kids to.


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