Friday, March 5, 2010

Saturday's Special Spa

O.k., I admit: I'm not exactly what you would call a "girl's girl".

You could probably even get away with saying I have a touch of tomboy in me.

HOWEVER, this in no way means that I don't know how to be "girly".  Given that I am a girl, I darn-tootin better know the basics of girlhood!  Furthermore, I rather enjoy this "state-of-girlhood" our Father saw fit to knit me into while in the womb (Psalm 139:13).  Well, with a few minor exceptions: pms, unwanted & unsightly hair, hormones... but I digress. ;)  Now, as far as our Miss Gracie is concerned, she's got a monopoly on ALL things feminine.  She is the proverbial Princess.

And everyone knows only girls can be Princesses!

This past Saturday Miss Gracie and I enjoyed a morning spent together in feminine bliss.  Watching this most precious Daughter Wemmick flourish under her mother's tutelage and loving attention was a blessing beyond measure.  A mother she is normally sharing with mySamuelson and Punk.  A mother who spends a good portion of her days cleaning and cooking.  A mother with one hand on the keyboard, another holding a cell phone to her ear, a wad of coupons under one arm and a load of laundry in the other.  One foot on the gas pedal, the other pounding the pavement running 5K.

Therefore, this day was special extra-special.

We began with a very warm 15 minute foot bath.  Yes, even though only 3 years old, this Princess-in-the-making sat for every bit of those 15 minutes!  Aladdin, playing in the background, might have helped a smidgen. :)   Sugar and I keep a very tight reign on "what" and "how much" television our children watch.  It's a privilege in our home.  And when it's on, they really watch it.

She was quite excited over how soft her feet felt when we pulled them out of the bath!  Got to admit, I was pretty amazed myself.  Maui, Hawaii, 2006 was my last pedicure. :(

I then rubbed an exfoliating mud mask on them.  (I do realize, at this point, some of you are shaking your head going, "No, no!  Wait  a minute!  You're supposed to do the mask first, then the foot bath.")  Remember how I mentioned at the beginning of this post that  I knew how to be "girly"...that I knew the "basics"?  While that is most definitely true, keep in mind that knowing "basics" is one thing, while knowing "in detail" is another!

10 minutes later the mask came off and the lotion went on...

then a soft shade of lavender.

*And yes, just in case you were pondering, her second toe is longer then her first!  She comes by it naturally: they are carbon copies of mine and her Aunt Sair Sair's.  Aunt Sair Sair's are so long I kid her that she could swing from branches with them!  Sugar stands by his conclusion that they're "goat feet". :)  There is an old wives tale that stipulates a person bearing a second toe longer in length than any of the other toes on their foot have a strong personality...are "the boss" as my MeMaw puts it.  The three of us are living, breathing testimonies to that! ;)


  1. Spoiled!!!! And yes you got WV goat feet so you can walk on the side of hills with ease :)
    Wouldn't have you any other way.

  2. I had all these great things to say...UNTIL! I read Rick's comment...Now all I can do is laugh and I can't think!


    "Goat Feet" aside: This is really a very sweet post! Wonderful moments with your "kid" you will remember forever.

    I have to say it agian...Stupid Rick! LOL!!! :)


  3. Love this post! Thanks again for stopping by my blog and saying hi and now it's my turn to say hi back....

    I love your pedicure day...I can not wait until I get to do that with my girl someday REAL soon!!

    Have a wonderful week!!


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