Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black & White Wednesday - "A Whale of a good time"

This picture was taken at the world-renowned Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, June 28, 2009

The whale itself is white, which started the wheels spinning as I was searching for a memorable photo for Lisa's Black & White Wednesday.  I knew it would be the focal point of the picture because of it's size and color.  And that's ok, as long as a poignant memory accompanies it.  Yes, for me, the picture has to jog a thought... tell a story... a voice without a voice.  As James Barrie put it, "Memory is what God gave us so that we might have roses in December."  In this photo, mySamuelson and Miss Gracie are watching the whale: surely in awe?  Perhaps a tinge of fear????  Without being able to see their faces, one is left to wonder, which in turn demands even closer inspection.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the type of whale.  However, I do remember we had a whale of a good time!  

This was our first trip to Atlanta.

As well as our first family outing with Aunt Sair Sair and Cousin Adam.
And "Yep", those are a series of un-finished tattoos on her arm.  I have yet to create a post on "Aunt Sair Sair".  It's in-the-works. :)  In the meantime, you can hop over to my blog Snapshot Sundays and read a small piece about her.


  1. Great capture on that whale photo! It's always nice to re-live vacations through photos :)

  2. Awesome shot! It looks like a Beluga whale to me! They are so pretty! Love them!

  3. How fun!! That is such a cool aquarium:)

    Thanks for playing along!!!

  4. Fun! I have a photo of a white alligator and I'm always tempted to feature it on B&W Wednesday. Maybe next time!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  5. Vacation photos are always my favorite, and we love to travel so we take lots of vacations! I love the aquarium, and love this photo. I can just picture your kiddos gazing up at that whale and imagine the looks on their faces. As you said, since we can't see their faces, it's fun to imagine what they might have been thinking. Thanks for sharing!


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