Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black & White Wednesday: Christening

These are two of the most important people in my life.  One christened me "mother", and the other I christened "memaw".

This picture was taken in December, 2004 in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  At the time, mySamuelson was an almost walking, all hands, rambunctious 9 month old.  Actually, it was on this very trip that he reached a handful of milestones...

...took his first step!
...introduced to his great-grandmother (aka "memaw").
...took his first airplane ride.

And for a new mother, I felt like I...

...took my first step!
...met my grandmother (aka "memaw").
...took my first plane ride.

Children are a blessing in many, many ways.  One of my favorite's is the gift of the "newbie" lens they arrive with.  It's a long-suffering mystery exactly how infants manage to not only slip the lens by the OB/GYN and nurses at birth, but how they get them on the faces of unsuspecting parents???? ;)  Regardless, there is nothing but the purest joy in rediscovering and reliving life through the eyes of a child, as an adult.   

As much as I love to talk about my son, he is not the overriding reason I chose this particular picture, for this particular "Black & White Wednesday".  It's that lovely lady whose lap he's climbing all over!  And that "lovely lady" happens to be the greatest memaw in the world.

Memaw (plural Memaws)
  1. (Southern U.S. dialectal) grandmother
Similar to Pepaw and Bempaw (grandfather). Meemaw and Memaw both mean, "grandmother", and are often used to refer to both grandmothers. Also can refer to great grandmother.

Source:  Wiktionary

 Memaw'sr right arm was amputated from just above the elbow, a scant few hours ago.  [Aside: PLEASE read my last entry, "Black Fingernails; Beautiful Hands", for a snapshot of memaw.]  For me, the overriding characteristics of her steely faith, joy in family and strength-of-mind pour through that smile so full of sunshine.  I look at this photo and can just hear that sing-song voice, a voice that rivals any songbird's, singing many a gospel tune to me as a child, then an adolescent, and now an adult.  Her week-long fight to keep her arm has left me quite an emotional wreck.  I hate to even say that, for this is not about "me".  For crying out loud, I berate myself, she's the one who's lost 3/4 of her arm!

My heart aches for her...

Fortunately, a beautiful friend put some perspective on it for me that vanquished the guilt.  She wisely counseled today, "You are sad for her loss.  For what this may mean to her life."

Yes I am...desperately so. 


  1. What a beautifully written post. I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I will keep her in my thoughts over the next few days and pray that she recovers quickly from her surgery.

  2. A very beautiful post Melissa and a beautiful picture.

    You are in my thoughts as is your grandmother. I know that bond between a granddaughter and a grandmother very well. My grandma is my world. She is currently being treated for bladder cancer and I am just so sad. She sometimes has to tell me it's okay when I know dang well that it should be me telling her it's okay.

    My heart aches for you my friend. Sending you lots of hugs!

  3. Did we say this yesterday?

    To me, sadness for someones pain shows compassion and love. Do not ever feel bad for showing love...Love is what will make this world stronger. Sometimes all one has are tears to offer and THAT is okay...True Tears can be comforting...

    I think your picture is perfect...It shows your "Memaw's" heart. I like it :)



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