Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Madalyn'ism I

{Setting:  Mom walking with Miss Gracie into bathroom, attempting to wrap-up the bedtime routine.  mySamuelson standing on his head at the bathroom entryway.  Punk falling asleep.  Sugar...well, Sugar spinning his wheels in conversation with mySamuelson.}

mySamuelson: "Mom, Madalyn's boobies are red."

Mom: "What???"  (Mom turns to Miss Gracie, bends over and inspects her boobies.  Miss Gracie has naught but a diaper on: no favorite nightgown clean.)
Miss Gracie: "Look Mommy, my boobies are red." (She's pointing them out as we both closely inspect them.)

Mom: "Hey, Sugar?  Come look at this." (OCD Mom with a touch of Hypochondriasis on the precipice of full-blown panic!)

Miss Gracie: "Mom, my boobies are red that means I'm an old lady."

Mom: "What??????" (Anxiety temporarily displaced with perplexity.)

Sugar: (Finally arrives on his steed.) "Oh, that's just from that big ball they were rolling on downstairs."

1 comment:

  1. Does it mean she is an old lady? How does she know that??? mmm



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