Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aspiring young artist wins Judges Choice!

We're still scratching our heads wondering where her artisitc flair came from.  Genes plead the fifth.  This is all Madalyn Grace.

On January 20th, she brought home an announcement from school sharing that one of her oil crayon's had won Judges Choice and had been selected to participate in the school's, Bob Jones Academy, 2nd Annual Art Exhibition!

Yes, a big deal!
A very big deal for a 5 year old.
A HUMONGOUS deal to a sister accustomed to playing second fiddle to an outgoing, winner-take-all brother.

Included with that announcement was a special invitation to the by-invitation-only "Opening & Reception" of the exhibit where her piece would hang for a week in Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery alongside fellow students who displayed similar artistic talent.

Decked in our finest, we attended the gala on February 6th where we gawked at her picture, ate some delicate cookies and nuts, gravitated back to gawk some more, choked down a strange tasting punch, found ourselves in front of the Cardinal again, graced the Ladies Room a time or two (even tiny artists get a belly full, or should I say, bladder full, of nerves) and of course were the last ones out the door.    

She's asking to take Violin now.
What's next?

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